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Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier


Sunlight is the most effective natural air purifiers known to break down contaminants.Sanuvox recreates the effects of sunlight, use ultraviolet (UVV & UVC) to naturally decompose, destroy and purify biological and chemical contaminants at one time.


Bacteria, Virus, Mold, Odor and different kinds of pollutant in air may pose significant health effect to our health. Influenza, Tuberculosis and Measles can easily infect through air and cause serious consequences.


Sanuvox tests are done in real world conditions and through clinical studies. Sanuvox results have shown mold levels dropped 100%, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (10 000 MICROWATTS PER/CM?OF GERMICIDAL UV FOR DESTRUCTION) dropped more than 90% and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) dropped 50%.


According to the information supplied by other manufacturers, the Sanuvox R3500X destroys a higher % of contaminants that require at least 300% more UV dosage than their one and two lamp Probe units.




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