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SWC Wastewater Treatment - Benefits

Reduction of costs

- Most of the benefits listed below generate obvious savings,
either in construction or operational expenses


Eliminate, reduce or delay need for plant expansion or modernization by

- Increase BOD removal efficiency via facultative anaerobes

- Reduce sludge volume

- Reduce oxygen requirements

- Reduce chemical treatment requirements

- Provide more consistent, predictable results


Elimination of organic deposits


Effective elimination of odors

Improve public relations

Avoid costly and time-consuming litigation


Reduction of hydrogen sulfide

Reduction in corrosion

Improve safety

Lower toxicity of final effluents


Improve settleability of solids

Elimination or reduction of flocculents

Increase sludge density

Less sludge pumping

Lowere transportation costs for sludge disposal


Improve digestion of organic matter

Onsite destruction of many organics

Reduce solids disposal and associate energy costs


Improve anaerobic sludge digester operations

Increase organic removal efficiencies

Reduce sludge volume requiring disposal

Reduction of many scums and deposits

Increase gas production

More stable sludge, easier to dewater

Reduce odors














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