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SWC Wastewater Treatment - Theory

Like all living organisms, microbial populations contained in waste handling systems that are responsible for the ultimate stabilization, or treatment, of the waste have a minimum nutrient requirement. Frequently the concentration of many of these nutrients contained in existing waste systems is insufficient or not in a usable form for microorganisms to maintain microbial cell synthesis and growth. The lacking of the required nutrients is typically the limiting factor in the treatment or ultimate stabilization of the waste.


In addition to the many required micronutrients, organic nutrients are also required by microorganisms. These organic nutrients are sometimes known as Growth factors and are compounds necessary for organic growth because they become constituents of organic cell material that cannot be synthesized from other carbon sources. Growth factor requirements differ from one organism to another, but the major ones fall into the following three classes: amino acids, purines and pyrimidines and vitamins.


SWC Solution is a group of biological waste system additives containing a proprietary blend of organic micronutrients, all of which are biodegradable and completely non-toxic, in a form readily available to microorganisms.The relative concentrations and proportions of the various components contained within the SWC Solution have been explicitly engineered to stimulate a specific group of microorganisms called facultative anaerobes.SWC Solution does not contain bacteria or enzymes, but rather are designed to stimulate existing bacteria found in biological systems.


With the addition of SWC Solution to a waste handling/ treatment facility, the biological pathways are no longer inhibited due to the lack of essential nutrients and as a result biological activity, growth and metabolism is substantially increased. By stimulating these specific microorganisms tremendous benefits in waste treatment can be achieved including a considerable increase in treatment efficiency along with substantial operational cost savings.


SWC Solution formulations of micronutrients facilitate the predominance of bacteria populations which are most desirable for biodegrading wastewater, sludge, and compost. Years of extensive testing by independent laboratories and use in industrial applications have proven that the natural nutrient formulations solve a complete range of waste treatment problems.The products do not contaminate groundwater while they eliminate odors, accelerate natural processes, and dramatically increase the quality of wastewater, sludge and compost.



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