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Why we need to clean the air duct?


HVAC systems are composed of many mechanical parts and miles of complex ductwork, all of which collect dust and debris over time. Contaminants in air duct can range from common nuisance dust, debris, mold, mildew, yeast and bacteria. If the air duct are poorly maintained, it can serve as a collection and distribution centre for various indoor pollutants. Thus pose a significant health risk for the occupants.

Benefits of air duct cleaning  


Health Benefits

Removing contaminants such as bacteria, mold, fungi and small dust particles from the air duct can greatly increase the quality of air that you and your colleagues are exposed to, reducing symptoms of allergies. Air duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality and reduce respiratory suffering.


Economic Benefits

Air duct cleaning improves system efficiency and reduces energy costs. A clean HVAC system has a longer life span and works more efficiently, resulting in lower energy bills with savings of up to 30%. Cleaning improves airflow, helping to maintain a consistently comfortable environment.





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