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- Chemical are made in Australia, environmental friendly, safe and efficient method to clean, sanitize and protect all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioner

- Bioactive multiple enzyme product, 100% biodegradable, suitable for ISO 14000, no threat to nature and eco systems

Features & Benefits

- Special treatment products with strong residual action and protect from potential recontamination

- pH 7.0 Neutral & 100% Biodegradable

- Non-toxic and environmentally save to human and pets

- Improve energy efficiency and system efficiency of air conditioning system

Cleaning Procedure

- Clean coil with Bioactive Enzyme Coil Cleaner

- Strips away microorganisms safely and efficiently

- pH neutral, non-corrosive, completely biodegradable

Treatment & Precautions  

Spray Bioactive Coil Treatment on coil & leaves a thin coating on surface

- Inhibit contamination by mold & bacteria for extended periods

Spray Bioactive Filter Treatment evenly onto filter

- Reduces fungal growth, extend filter life & improve filter's dust retention




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