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ESG Surface Master


ESG Surface Master is an ultra-strength protective coating for metal, glass, leather or vinyl surface. The coating adopts innovative fluidic nano-technology with durable super shine and smoothness surface after application, with superior dirt repellent and water beading characteristics.



- Easy to apply & quick application

- Long lasting

- Corrosion resistant

- Ultra shine

- Silky smooth

- Dirt repellent

- Inhibit mildew growth

- Water beading

- Anti-static

- Environmental friendly


Application Uses

- Glass / mirror

- Electronic appliance surfaces

- Leather

- Steel / alloy / copper

- Rubber / vinyl

- Stone / marble / ceramic / liminated wood


Directions For Use

1. Apply ESG Surface Master evenly on clean wet surface with damp cloth

2. Allow 3 minutes dwell time

3. Wipe clean the surface with wet cloth repeatedly until surface is clear and shine

4. Touch up with dry cloth if necessary





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